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It has been an honor to work with each and every one of these lovely ladies in one aspect or another. Good Luck to Miss Capital Cities, Domonique Jones, Miss Capital Cities Teen, Kimberli Bautista, Miss Golden Gate, Nancy Wang, Miss Golden State Sofia Hanan, Miss Golden State Teen, Brooklyn Lowery, Miss Greater Bay Area, Jayne Geist, Miss Greater Bay Area Teen, Linnea Visbal, Miss Greater Sacramento, Ronae Wells, and Miss Greater Sacramento Teen, Alexis Aguila

Pageant Training
I have extensive experience working with girls helping them get ready for upcoming pageants. I have personally trained 14 Regional Winners and 3 Top 20 Finishers at the Miss California Pageants. I am the official trainer of Miss California Latina 2016 3rd Runner-Up Carolina Guzman as well as Miss California Teen USA 2016 Athenna Crosby.

Once the decision is made to enter a pageant, finding the right coach is important. My goal is to work with you every step of the way. We will work together to develop an exercise routine that fits your individual needs. We will also work together to help your body fuel in the way it needs to so you can be at a peak performance

. In our initial meeting, whether we meet in person or online, I will evaluate your current nutrition and exercise routine. Then we will work together to figure out the adjustments you may need to take you to the next level.

Each workout is designed specifically for YOU. Detailed workouts plans will be built for you along with weekly check-ins to monitor your progress.

Training isn’t just about nutrition and exercise. On many occasions we will be discussing the mental side of competition. This will include goal-setting techniques that will help you feel 100% confident on stage.

I will be along side you every step of the way as your fitness coach. My goal is to help you fell completely confident when you step out on that stage.
You Must Believe It To Achieve It
Personal Training
The only way to gauge your progress is with clear results. We are 100% results driven. It is very important for us to understand where you are starting and where you expect to be. That is why every client starts with a thorough fitness assessment. This fitness assessment is conducted to provide a baseline measurement for your current fitness level. During your fitness assessment, your trainer will assess: girth, body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. With these measurements, your trainer will design a personalized program that will help you set realistic goals and a training strategy in which to accomplish them.

Once a baseline is established, we then design each workout with the specific needs and wants of the client in mind. No two workouts are designed the same. The focus will be on your individual body and your individual body goals. Workouts are designed to generate muscle endurance as well as cardio endurance. Each workout builds on the previous one ensuring that each class brings you one step closer to your goals. Resistance training is used to increase muscle endurance and strength by using a variety of equipment such as your own body weight, resistance bands, and medicine balls.

Are you looking for specific results? We can help you there. Whether preparing for a competition or training for a big race, these workouts are designed to help maximize performance. Exercises are put together to help build lean muscle and not to pack on size. Lighter weight and higher repetitions ensure that the athlete builds muscle endurance as well as muscle strength.

Are you looking to drop a few pounds or get back into beach shape? We have a program for you. 70% of weight loss comes from the type of food that is consumed. Food can hinder a workout or help a person achieve never before thought of goals. Nutritional advice is given with each workout. We combine the best workout program with nutritional advice which will give you the best results.
Online Training
What you get:
• Free 30 minute Skype introductory session 
• Nutritional Counseling
• Individualized Workout Plan
• Body Measurements
• Before/After Pictures to track your progress

2 sessions/week (8/month) $149
3 sessions/week (12/month) $187
5 sessions/week (20/month) $248
One on One Training
8 Sessions
No enrollment fee.
  • $65 per session
  • No Savings
16 Sessions
No enrollment fee.
  • $61.75 per session
  • 5% Savings (save $60)
24 sessions
No enrollment fee.
  • $58.50 per session
  • 10% Savings (save $160)
Friends Packages
(price is per person)

8 SESSIONS (One Month)

2 Members - $320
3 Members - $280
4 Members - $420
No Savings

16 SESSIONS (Two Months)

2 Members - $600
3 Members - $530
4 Members - $455
5% Savings

24 SESSIONS (Three Months)

2 Members - $860
3 Members - $755
4 Members - $645
10% Savings

Community Packages

5 Sessions

$15 per session
No Savings

10 Sessions

$14.20 per session
5% Savings

20 Sessions

$13.50 per session
10% Savings

Boot Camps
Boot Camps are a great way to not only get in shape and stay healthy, but also to keep from giving up. The key is to find a program that will motivate you, hold you accountable, and offer you a fun, focused place to workout on a consistent basis. 

Our MOTIVATIONAL BOOTCAMP is a unique way to enjoy working out while shedding pounds and gaining lean muscle.

What is a motivational bootcamp? What goes on in class? And is it right for you?

Our motivational bootcamp is a series of cardio-inspired, lean-muscle building workouts designed specifically for each bootcamp participant. You will run, jump, kick, punch, step, and roll your way to health. Think running, push-ups, sit-ups, leg extensions, ball work and small weight work.

More importantly, you will make workout friends that can keep you motivated throughout the week and will be inspired to push harder with Steve’s support.

Why is this different from other bootcamps?
•  Limited class size to ensure individual attention
•  No drill sergeants here. We motivate, inspire, and make class FUN
•  Experience. We know what works
•  Change up your routine. 

We create unique workouts each session!
About PST Fitness
Steve Hernandez
When is WORKOUT TIME? Our lives are packed full of activities that keep us so busy that it seems impossible to find the time to get to the gym, go for a run, or even spend a few quiet moments meditating. Our busy lifestyles lead us down that familiar road of eating for pleasure, sitting in front of the TV, snacking, and all the other bad habits that leave you feeling tired, irritable and sometimes even depressed. It's time to break the unhealthy cycle and take back control of your life. Here at PST Fitness we offer multiple ways to get back to that healthy lifestyle that you strive for. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and expertise you need to stop "trying" to live healthy, and start living at your fullest potential. We 
know that in order to achieve the change you want you will need the balance of mind, body and spirit.

It is possible to get fit on your own. Some people do it, but for most it is hard to "make" the time to exercise, know exactly what to do, and to stay motivated. But even the few that are successful struggle along the way. They are much more likely quit, get injured, or just plain out move a such a slow pace that it seems like they are getting nowhere. That is why working with a health and fitness professional increases your level of success at least 100 fold. Working with a fitness professional increases the effectiveness of your workout while maintaining a degree of safety. We make sure that not only are the workouts created custom for each person, each exercise is personally customized to fit each individual’s goals and current abilities.

Our passion is helping people reach their goals and live the lives they deserve. The methods we use are tried and true and have delivered incredible results over the years. With over two decades of experience, we created workouts that are both intense and fun. We push the boundaries of what the body can do and only measure success with real results.
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